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Consumer Credit Cards

The best gas credit cards can provide great gas discounts at the pump. The Sunoco Rewards Credit Card not only offers gas rewards but this fuel credit card will also instantly roll back your gas prices 5¢ on every gallon, every time you fill up at Sunoco. Learn more about how the Sunoco credit card for gas can bring you discounts, or apply for a gas card online today.

Sunoco Rewards Bill Pay:

Manage your fuel Rewards account or check your balance

Choose the Best Gas Card:

We understand that you have options. Other fuel brands have their own gas cards, too. But, we’re so confident in the overall value of the Sunoco card – we’ll show you how they stack up against each other. See for yourself!

Gas Credit Card Benefits:

  • Instantly receive a gas discount of 5¢ off every gallon of fuel purchased at any Sunoco station.
  • Use the Sunoco gas card to pay at the pump for fast, easy fill-ups and see gas rewards instantly
  • Over 4,900 locations – Find Sunoco stations locations nearest you
  • Manage your Sunoco gas credit card account 24/7 online.
  • Flexible payment options
  • Additional Sunoco fuel credit cards at no cost, so your entire family can save
  • Nationwide ATM access
  • Secure, with $0 liability for unauthorized purchases

Access our gas credit card application to apply for the Sunoco Gas Rewards Credit Card online

To apply by phone or for Customer Service, please call 1-800-238-1437.

In addition to consumer gas station credit cards, Sunoco also offers a range of commercial gas fleet credit cards for even more fuel savings. Find out which fleet credit card is right for your business.

Learn more about your Sunoco Rewards Card: