Food & Beverage Specials at APlus

Enjoy these special offers and everyday great prices!

Featured Deals

Buy 2 Hot Dogs, Get a Free Dr. Pepper

The perfect mid-day snack.

Add 16oz Coffee to any APlus Breakfast Sandwich for 59¢

Start your morning right!

Cold Drinks

Coca-Cola 20oz - 2/$3.50

Delight in the classic Coca-Cola taste, buy 2 for $3.50.

Core Power 11.5oz - 2/$5

Double down on these high powered protein shakes.

Mistic 16oz - BOGO $1 

Appreciate the bold flavor and amazing fruity taste of Mistic.

Mountain Dew 20oz - BOGO $1

Quench your thirst with Mtn Dew’s original taste.

Pepsi-Cola 20oz - 2/$3.50

Enjoy the distinct and refreshing flavor of Pepsi.

Rockstar Energy 16oz - 2/$5

Get your morning boost with Rockstar Energy. Buy two for $5.

Snapple 16oz - 2/$2

Mix up your favorite sweet tea with this 2 for $2 deal.

Food and Snacks

Goldfish Crackers Single Serve - 2/$2

These crackers will disappear extra fast.

Cracker Jack’d 2.75-3.125 Bags - 2/$4

The perfect on-the-go energy snack.

Jack Links Small Batch - BOGO Free

Switch up the usual party snack mix with Jack Links Small Batch.

Popcorn Indiana 3.5-4oz - 2/$3

Stock up on after school snacks with this deal.

Reese’s King Size - 2/$3

Make your daily commute deliciously gratifying.

Snak Club 4-5 oz - 2/$8

Tackle those afternoon energy lows with Snak Club mixes.

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