Food & Beverage Specials at APlus

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Featured Deals

2 Roller Grill Items + 32oz Fountain for $3.33

Prep for your tailgate with this deal.

APlus Breakfast Sandwich BOGO $1

It’s the best breakfast deal in Town. Buy One Get One for $1.

Cold Drinks

Smartwater 1L - 2/$3.50

Stock up on smartwater and save.

Monster Energy 16oz - 2/$4.25

Intense flavor and force.

Coca-Cola 20oz - BOGO $1

Share the Coca-Cola joy this holiday.

Bai 18oz 2/$4

Refreshing antioxidant infusions.

Gatorade 20 oz 2/$2

Power right through your day with this 2 for $2 deal.

Food and Snacks

Hershey’s King Size Select Varieties - 2/$3

Delight in this Hershey’s King Size chocolate deal.

Mentos 1.32oz - 2/$2.22

Mix and match your Mentos favorites.

Snickers Regular - BOGO

Seize the day with this buy one get one Snickers deal.

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