Food & Beverage Specials at APlus

Enjoy these special offers and everyday great prices!

Featured Deals

Nantucket 16oz 2/$2.50; Regular for One

Add a little sweetness to your day.

Monster Energy 16oz 2/$4 (NY&CT 2/$4.50); Regular for One

Get double the buzz for less.

Jack Links Korean BBQ Pork 2.85OZ 2/$8

Feed your savory cravings.

Mix and Match Tradewinds 18.5oz and Regional Spring Water 20oz 2/$2; Regular for One

Get hydrated for only $2.

Cold Drinks

Evian 500mL 2/$2.22; Regular for One

Premium water for a bargain.

Yoo-Hoo 15.5oz 2/$2.22; Regular for One

Two times the chocolately flavor.

Naked Juice & Naked Juice Protein 15.2oz 2/$5

Get the best deal on fresh, organic goodness.

Dr. Pepper 2L Buy 2 Get 1 Free; Regular For One

Stock up on your favorite 2L drink!

Gatorade 20oz 2/$2; Regular for One

Get the energy you need to finish your workout.

Food and Snacks

Nutella 1.8oz 2/$3

Double up on the hazelnut treat

Lays Mid-Size Bags (9.5OZ-10.5OZ) 2/$6; Regular for One

Get an afternoon snack for yourself and a friend!

Planters Peanuts $1

Get a great deal on a protein-rich snack.

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