Food & Beverage Specials at APlus

Enjoy these special offers and everyday great prices!

Featured Deals

Oreo Churro $1.59

Once a cookie, now a Churro.

Meal Deal: 2 hot dogs & Coke

Satisfy your cravings with 2 hot dogs and a drink.

Red Bull 12 0Z 2/$5.33

Dual energy with two 12 OZ Red Bulls.

King Size Nabisco $1.29

Grab a king sized snack for $1.29.

Snapple 32 oz 2/$3

Double up with Lipton Tea's All Natural Snapple.

Cold Drinks

Monster Energy 16oz 2/$4

Power up with Monster Energy.

VitaminWater & FruitWater 20oz Mix&Match 2/$2.50

Choose your mix and match your flavor.

Pepsi 2L. Buy 2 get 1 Free; Regular for one $2.19 (NY & CT $2.29)

Pair up your Pepsi Family favorites.

Lipton Tea 20 oz 2/$2

Afternoon Lipton tea, anyone?

Nestle Pure Life Water 1L 2 for $2

Double the hydration for only $2.

Mountain Dew Kickstart 11oz 2/$2.50

Power through your day with Mtn Dew Kickstart Hydrating Boost.

Food and Snacks

Roller Grill Mix and Match 2/$3

Satisfy your afternoon roller grill hankerings.

Chex Mix 3.75 oz $1.49

Stock up your party favorites.

Hershey Reese’s King $1.79

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in king size.

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