Winners All Over The Map

We‘ve got grand prize winners all over the map! Check out our 2016 Sunoco Free Fuel 5000 grand prize winners and read their stories below to see how free Sunoco fuel keeps them moving.


"I can’t begin to tell you how unreal this is," said Heider. "I’ve been going to the same Sunoco station for three decades now and I’ve never had a day like the day I was spotted. I’ve been representing Sunoco forever with that decal and all of a sudden I’m being told that I am entered into a contest to win $5,000 worth of fuel. I’ll never forget this."

Sandy HeiderWestern PA

Bob first put the Sunoco decal on the bumper of his 2007 GMC Sierra pickup truck about five years ago. He recently replaced the old sticker with a new one, which he believes was good luck. A few weeks later, he pulled into his favorite Sunoco station and a Sunoco spotter told him had won a $10 gift card and would be entered for the grand prize. "It all happened so fast," he said.

Bob SierzegaEastern PA

When Scott got the call that he was one of the Grand Prize winners, he thought it was a joke. "I didn’t call the Sunoco representative back for a few days because I didn’t actually believe it. The fact that I’ll be able to invest in my passion of racing motocross, which I do twice a month, is what I am most excited for," he said.

Scott CarlottoNew England

"Sunoco is the only fuel I have ever used," said Greathouse. "My father was a Sunoco loyalist and he passed that along to me. Winning any prize is special, but this means more. This prize is going to allow me to travel down south to see my boys and I can’t tell you how excited I am to make that trip."

Larry GreathouseOhio

At the time she was spotted, Linda was sitting in her car, realizing that she needed more fuel than the $10 in her pocket would buy, so the gift card was a well-timed blessing in itself. "When I think back to that day, I realize how lucky I am," Linda said. "I not only was able to fuel up, but I was also entered into the grand prize winner pool."

Linda PendletonMidwest

"Because I drive so often in between my jobs, I know that the type of fuel I put into my car is really important, which is why I’ve always used Sunoco," she said. "I’m a Sunoco loyalist and I will continue to be, especially after winning this amazing prize."

Lakita RobertsNew York

There isn’t just one sticker on William’s truck, he has 6 decals all over his car and you can see them from any angle. On the day he was spotted, William, 28, was with his dad, so he plans on sharing some of the winnings with him.

William MayTexas

Riley Bass says he uses Sunoco because "there are three stations close to my house," adding, "I thought if this gas is good enough for the NASCAR racers, it has to be good enough for my car."

Riley BassFlorida

Since his retirement, Frank has taken some much needed time to relax and explore new hobbies, and he is still contemplating buying an RV to go traveling. But whether in a car or a motorhome, "This means a lot more trips to the Sunoco station for me."

Frank KonapkaUpstate NY

Darlene says she can certainly put her winnings to use for herself, friends and family, but she knows she can also provide fuel to her favorite distraction, Chilly’s ICE Cool Band, a community band made up of about 40 children ages three to eighteen.

Darlene McGawSoutheast

As a proud husband and father of three girls, Jason has plenty of driving to do outside of work. Now he can start planning the first family summer vacation ever. The girls love to fish, so get your rods ready!

Jason CampbellWest Virgina

"We employ about 45 people, so you can imagine how much travel they’re doing on a daily basis across the city to get to a specific job or to deliver items to our customers," said Edelman. "This prize is going to help our company tremendously."

Meurice Garment CareSunTrak

"At Pacifico Marple, we do so much more than sell cars, but no matter what we’re doing, fuel is one of the key components to our success," said Pacifico. "I didn’t have to think twice when our company initially got this card a few years back. Now, we’re getting even more benefits from Sunoco with this prize."

Pacifico Marple FordUniversal Fleet Card

Andy, 59, was selected at random from millions of Sunoco Rewards transactions made this summer. He was one of two Free Fuel 5000 winners in Delaware County in 2016.

Andy TruettCitibank Prize