Digital Marketing Scholarship

Digital Marketing APlus Scholarship

Digital Marketers are always looking for new tactics and platforms to help them connect and communicate with consumers. We would like to see a digital marketing campaign that could be implemented for the APlus convenience store brand at many of our Sunoco locations.

Build APlus brand awareness and educate communities about APlus convenience store offerings.

Final submission must be received by 11:59PM on 5/31/2015 to No late submissions will be considered.

$1000 scholarship to be awarded to one future Digital Marketer

Upload accepted file (.pdf or .ppt) no larger than 10MB as an attachment to your email submission. Please note that web-based presentations or portfolios are also acceptable if they are made public and easily accessible.

Please provide the following within the body of your email:

Full Name
Date of Birth
Name of HS or University
Class Status

- Be original
- Think critically
- Familiarize yourself with our company and our current programs and promotions

Click here for Scholarship Rules and Legal Terms.

If you have any questions, please contact us at