Commercial and Industrial


This refers to locations that are deed restricted against convenience store and petroleum uses. These are redevelopment opportunities. The following locations are available for sale as commercial redevelopment opportunities. Locations will be sold with a 40 year deed restriction against petroleum and convenience store use.

Site Information Site Map Location Status
0166-6163 1600 Ridgewood Ave, South Daytona, FL Available for Sale
0616-1756 1361 Abbott Road, Lackawanna, NY Available for Sale
0363-5042 7435 Oswego Rd, Liverpool, NY Under Agreement
0363-1447 2272 Culver Road, Rochester, NY Available for Sale
0471-9050 9802 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, TX Under Agreement
0693-6389 1445 Union Road, Ebenezer NY Available for Sale
0428-2190 107 Dolson Avenue, Middleton, NY  Available for Sale


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Sunoco, Inc. (R&M), its parent, subsidiaries and affiliates, and their employees and agents (collectively “Sunoco”) acknowledge that this information package may not have complete information of the physical or economic characteristics of the properties offered for sale. Accordingly, except as otherwise specifically stated in an Agreement of Sale, Sunoco hereby disclaims any warranty, guaranty or representation, express or implied, oral or written, past, present, or future of, as to, or concerning: (a) the condition or state of repair of the properties, including, but not by way of limitation, any condition arising in connection with the generation, use, transportation, storage, release, or disposal of petroleum products, toxic or hazardous substances, on and under, above, upon, or in the vicinity of the properties, such as water, soil and geology, and the suitability thereof and of the properties for any and all activities and use which the potential new owner may elect to conduct thereon; (b) the extent of any right-of-way, lease, possession, lien, encumbrance, easements, license, reservation, or condition with respect to the properties; (c) the compliance of the properties or its operation with any applicable laws, ordinances, or regulations of any government or other body, including without limitation, compliance with any land use, Americans with Disabilities Act, wetland, or zoning law or regulation, or applicable environmental or coastal laws, rules, ordinances and regulations; (d) title to or the boundaries of the Properties; and (e) the physical condition of the properties, including, without limitation, the structural, mechanical and engineering characteristics of the improvements to the properties.

Except as stated above and as set forth in the Agreement of Sale, the sale of the properties shall be on an AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS basis, and potential new owners expressly agree that Sunoco and its representatives make no warranty or representation, including, but not limited to, any warranty of condition, habitability, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the properties. Potential new owners are buying the properties based on their own investigations, and, by accepting title or transfer of interest to all or part of the properties, acknowledge that they have conducted such investigations as they have deemed necessary or advisable and that potential new owners are not relying upon any representations of Sunoco or its representatives whatsoever. The materials and information concerning the properties contained herein, together with any and all other information provided by Sunoco and its representatives are based, in part, upon information and materials obtained from sources deemed reliable without independent verification. Potential new owners must not base their offers upon information disseminated herein or information provided by Sunoco and its representatives. No warranty or representation, express or implied is made by Sunoco or its representatives as to the accuracy or completeness of any or all such information.



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