API Color-Symbol System for Product Identification at Sunoco Facilities

Sunoco API Product Decal

Low sulfur diesel, kerosene, and heating oil fuels have been recently introduced into our Retail Marketing Areas. The existing product color-coding for fill/spill manhole covers was not changed during the conversion to low sulfur-based fuels.

New regulations are now requiring that the product identification at all product transfer equipment be properly color-coded to reflect that product now being dispensed at the site.

Gasoline with ethanol and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel are supplied throughout most of our Retail Marketing Areas. Regulations require that the product identification at all product transfer equipment be properly color-coded to reflect the product being dispensed at the site.

The API Color Code (Recommended Practice 1637) has been the accepted standard for uniform identification at retail outlets. This code was used in the development of the updated Sunoco Color Code Standard.

Compliance with the equipment color-coding for Sunoco involves painting the fill/spill manhole covers at all affected sites. New stencils have been designed for use when painting fill/spill covers, or any other manhole cover.

In addition, all sites are required to have signage at the site to identify the color-coding in use at the retail outlet. This is to provide information as to the manhole markings for delivery transport operators not familiar with the site, or possibly Sunoco Standards. Sunoco historically has used a decal on the building window nearest to the underground storage tanks (UST’s).

API Color-Symbol System Stencil Instructions
New decals have been designed for compliance with the API Color Code. The decal is a 'universal' one. It can be used at all retail outlets. There are two types of decals;

  1. A static cling decal and,
  2. A decal with an adhesive surface on the front side of the decal.

Both can be mounted on the inside of the glass window.

Drawings and details of the Window Decal and the Stencil Kit for painting are both available from Pro Signs. Costs are as follows:
Static Cling Decals: $8.65 ea
Adhesive Surface Decals: $ 9.35 ea
Stencil Kit: $ 40.75 per kit

Maintenance has these decals in stock. For information, contact MAZacckey@sunocoinc.com.

Painting in colder climates should be performed as weather permits. Painting of fills are the responsibility of the Distributor.