The Official Fuel of NASCAR


Sunoco, the Official Fuel of NASCAR® since 2004, is the exclusive provider of racing fuel for NASCAR’s three national series: The NASCAR Sprint Cup SeriesTM, NASCAR Nationwide SeriesTM, and NASCAR Camping World Truck SeriesTM. Our racing fuels can always be counted on to deliver maximum performance—it’s why the best drivers in the world choose Sunoco.

NASCAR Fuel Facts

If you've ever wondered what kind of fuel NASCAR drivers use, here's your answer! Sunoco provides all NASCAR® teams with Sunoco Green E15 – a 98 octane fuel blend specifically engineered for high-performance engines. We call it Green E15 because the fuel is actually green in color. This specialized NASCAR® fuel also contains 15% ethanol by weight, making it very important for teams to avoid getting moisture into their fuel filler cans or racecar fuel cells. We made a number of innovations to make sure moisture never mixes with the fuel, including distribution directly from the Sunoco tanker (instead of in-ground tanks), and newly designed NASCAR® fuel cans.

Race Day: Behind the Scenes

On race days, teams typically fill their 12-gallon “dump cans” 60-90 minutes before the race. Only the 135 Sunoco crew members, covered head-to-toe in fire retardant protective gear, can fill the fuel cans for the teams. A full dump can weighs about 94 lbs and empties in 10 seconds or less. During the race, teams will typically use up to two full cans per pit stop, unless a driver is just topping off.

Racecars don’t have fuel gauges. NASCAR® teams calculate fuel mileage, consumption and how much gas is in the tank based on the weight of the fuel poured, rather than the less-precise measure of volume.

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Sunoco Fuel Beyond the Track

You may not spend every day at the racetrack, but you still want the very best performance from your car. Learn more about Sunoco's top quality everyday fuels, auto service centers, and the products and services that will keep your car at the top of its game.