Nothing Less than 94.

When you demand more, look for 94. New Ultra 94 delivers the high-octane fuel cars crave with TOP TIER™ detergency proven to make your engine run cleaner, longer and more efficiently. Only at Sunoco.

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Ultra 94 is the highest octane fuel available at the pump at Sunoco. With 94 octane, it delivers the highest octane rating of any retail fuel on the mass market in the U.S., combined with Top Tier detergency to help make your engine run cleaner, longer, and more efficiently.

Ultra 94, like all fuels from Sunoco, is Top Tier certified. Top Tier fuel has a minimum level of detergency that well-exceeds the EPA requirements. Before Ultra 94 arrives at the pump it meets tight specifications and controls around fuel quality that flows through all grades of Sunoco branded fuel.

Sunoco is enrolled in the TOP TIER™ program and is contractually committed to selling fuel that meets the TOP TIER™ standard. This means supplying all octane grades from regular to premium fuel that contains an approved additive at the right concentration and does not contain other additives known to harm engines.

Sunoco Ultra 94 helps vehicles run longer without performance issues such as reduced engine power, rough idle, and stumble during acceleration.

Top Tier Fuels TOP TIER is a certification reserved for fuel that meets the demanding specifications of the Top Tier Detergent Gasoline Program. The program was developed by eight automakers including BMW, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Top Tier’s enhanced gasoline detergency helps keep engines clean and ensure compliance with tighter vehicle emissions and engine durability.

Yes. Sunoco Ultra 94 is certified as a TOP TIER fuel. Ultra 94 includes the same detergent level as the racing fuel Sunoco makes for NASCAR.

Gasoline cannot be labeled as TOP TIER without meeting the stringent detergency standards set by the TOP TIER program.

Octane is the standard measurement of fuel stability. This is important, because using lower octane fuels may cause engines to knock and ping, which can lead to engine damage.

Yes. Like all Sunoco fuels, Ultra 94 contains up to 10% ethanol.



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