Fleet Business Gas Credit Cards

Commercial Credit Card

Gas cards for business can help save on fuel and other costs of managing a fleet of vehicles. We offer three fleet gas cards that make it easy to purchase fuel, service and other products. Whether you're looking for a fleet card for robust rebates, nationwide acceptance or a revolving line of credit, Sunoco has a fleet gas card for you.

Sunoco SunTrak Fleet Gas Card

The Sunoco SunTrak Fleet gas credit card offers up to 3% back on monthly fuel purchases. No-minimum rebates start with your first gallon!

Save every month with one of the best rebates available. The SunTrak® fleet card helps you manage your fleet costs, take control of what's being spent and protect your business from potential fraud. The perfect business gas card for both larger fleets and tax exempts, the SunTrak Card includes powerful online management tools and detailed monthly reports covering both vehicles and drivers, regardless of the number of cards or vehicles.

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To apply by phone or for Customer Service, please call 1-800-950-6124.

Sunoco Universal Gas Card

The universal gas card from Sunoco offers nationwide acceptance & savings up to 6¢ per gallon on monthly fuel purchases at over 5,000 Sunoco locations!

For the customer who prefers to fuel at Sunoco, but needs the flexibility to fuel anywhere, Sunoco offers the Universal Gas Card. This global gas card is conveniently accepted at over 180,000 fuel retailers located across the United States. In addition, the Sunoco Universal Gas Card provides up to 6¢ volume rebates on fuel purchases made at Sunoco along with detailed monthly reporting covering both vehicles and drivers.

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To apply by phone or for Customer Service, please call 1-866-747-4430.

Sunoco Corporate Gas Card

The corporate gas card from Sunoco offers Revolving terms and no program fees offer you greater financial flexibility!

If you're a small business or limited liability corporation operating a fleet of just a few vehicles, the Sunoco Corporate Fleet Card is a simple solution to manage your cash flow. This fleet gas card gives you the financial flexibility of revolving terms while consolidating fuel and maintenance expenses for all of your drivers, with no monthly, annual or per-card fees. Sunoco offers a small business gas card that allows you to easily keep track of your fleet's purchases, too, via both monthly statements and convenient online account access to the balance of your corporate fuel card.

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To apply by phone or for Customer Service, please call 1-800-935-3387.