Sunoco Over the Road Gas Card

Sunoco Over the Road Sample Card

Sunoco's Over the Road Fleet Card helps trucking fleets save $.04 on every gallon at Sunoco locations and can be used at 99% of truck stops nationwide.

The Sunoco Over-the-Road Gas Card is a great fit for trucking fleets seeking a flexible gas credit card. Cardholders can use this fleet card to refuel at  99% of truck stops nationwide, including over 5,000 Sunoco locations. So whether they’re  refueling at a Sunoco gas station or somewhere else along their route, your fleet will be saving money on gas.

  • Save $.03 off per gallon at non-Sunoco locations
  • Save $.04 on every gallon at Sunoco Over the Road locations
  • Receive $.07 off every gallon when visiting Sunoco gas stations in the Wex Fleet One Rebate Network, and receive $.14 off per gallon while refueling at these locations for the first 90 days 

In addition to fuel savings, there are many other benefits of the Sunoco’s Over the Road Fleet Card.

  • No monthly fleet card fees
  • No transition fees for fuel and maintenance while refueling at Sunoco diesel locations
  • Generated reports that help you manage your fleet costs by tracking and monitoring cost per mile and miles per gallon
  • Ability to easily add or delete drivers from your fleet and set spending limits for each one
  • 24-hour customer service support and online access to card management

With the Sunoco Over the Road Gas Card your fleet will easily be able to save on gas with the convenience of refueling at truck stops nationwide. Sign your trucking fleet up today for the Sunoco Over the Road Fleet Card by applying online. You can also receive more information and apply by phone by calling 1-866-747-4430.

Also, check out our Ways to Save page for even more ways to make your money go farther at Sunoco.


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