Sunoco Universal Fleet Fuel Card

Sunoco Universal Fleet Fuel Card

Sunoco's Universal Fleet Gas Card is perfect for fleets that require the flexibility of refueling at any station all over the U.S. Save 6¢ per gallon saving at all Sunoco locations, and the flexability to fuel anywhere. The Sunoco Universal Fleet Card is the right choice for your business. 

The Sunoco Universal Fleet Fuel Credit Card is a great option for fleets looking for the flexibility of filling up anywhere in the U.S. This global gas card is accepted at all 5,000 Sunoco locations, as well as  90% of fueling locations across the nation. With the Universal Gas Card, you can receive up to 6¢ back per gallon on fuel, through rebates, when you fill up at a Sunoco station.

  • For fleets with 250 vehicles or more, a dedicated Premium Fleet Services account manager will be assigned to expertly help you manage your fleet.
  • Sunoco’s Universal Fleet credit cardholders have the ability to monitor fuel costs, set driver purchase limits, and view miles per gallon, and cost per mile for each driver.
  • The Universal Fuel Fleet Card has flexible billing dates to best align with your business’s billing cycle.
  • Each card has a unique driver ID and prompts for fueling, to protect your drivers from fraud.
  • Keep track of your fleet’s activity with easy to read daily fleet card reports for effective monitoring.

To start saving money for your fleet, or for more information on the Sunoco Universal Fleet Card, visit us online , or contact us by phone at 1-800-950-6124.

While Sunoco’s Universal Fleet Card can be used at fuel retailors nationwide, be sure to use Sunoco’s gas station locator to find the Sunoco locations along your route where you can save on fuel.