Safeway Gas Rewards

Safeway Gas Rewards

Simply use your Safeway Club Card (or your phone number) at Safeway locations to earn $0.10 per gallon on every $100 you spend. Rewards can be stacked, so you can earn $0.10 on your first trip to the grocery store and $0.10 on subsequent trips and then redeem $0.20 per gallon off at the pump. Check your receipt to see how much you have earned. If you have the Safeway Mobile App, you can earn rewards by presenting your app at checkout as well.

How to redeem fuel discounts:

Insert your Safeway Club Card or enter your phone number at the pump at participating Sunoco locations and watch the price roll back. Customers can redeem a maximum of 20 gallons at the pump per visit. For customer safety the program is limited to one vehicle per transaction and is not to be used for portable gas containers. Rewards expire 60 days after they are earned.

Don’t have a Club Card?

Log on to to sign up or ask a clerk the next time you check out to sign up and start earning. You can also download the Safeway Mobile App, and present it at checkout to earn rewards as well.

Find the nearest Safeway location to begin earning rewards.