Sunoco Diesel

Diesel that Makes a Difference

With locations all across America, you can count on Sunoco Diesel Fuel to be where you are and get you where you’re going.


Dependable Quality

Whether you’re taking your diesel-powered vehicle off-road or across the country, you can count on the dependable quality of Sunoco Diesel Fuels.

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The Standard of Performance

In accordance with EPA regulations, Sunoco Diesel Fuel adheres* to strict standards reducing fuel injector deposits and improving fuel stability, helping your diesel engine perform at its best.

*Sunoco Diesel Fuel adheres to the ASTM D975 and D7467 specifications for diesel and biodiesel blended fuel in the U.S. 

Satisfying Today’s Diesel Engines

Sunoco’s high-quality diesel fuels are designed with today’s technology in mind, ensuring you get the most efficiency and performance out of your modern diesel engine.

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Get the most out of your engine.

Fill up with Sunoco Diesel.