Sunoco Rewards Credit Card

Apply today. Start Saving! Earn 50 cents per gallon for 30 days after account open date. Limited time offer.

Fuel your savings even further. For a limited time, you can save 50¢ on every gallon* for 30 days after account open date and get a $5 statement credit for 60 days after account open date when you purchase at Sunoco stations.

The Smart Gas Rewards Credit Card

Save 5¢ on
every gallon*


Unlimited gallons at a discount

Flexible gas card payment options

Free additional gas credit cards for your family 

$0 liability on unauthorized gas card changes


Big rewards. Maximum savings.

The Fuel Rewards Credit Card that fuels your lifestyle.

Fuel Smart

  • Save 5¢ on every gallon* purchased with your Sunoco Rewards Credit Card. Every gallon. Every time.
  • Save more with Go Rewards®: Earn an additional 3¢*** savings when you use Go Rewards App to purchase fuel.
  • Touch-free fueling:** Upload and use your Sunoco Rewards Credit Card in the Sunoco App for at the pump and in-store purchases. Find out how to load a credit card into the Sunoco App.
  • Additional Gas Credit Cards: Fueling up can be a family affair. Share savings with every driver in your household.
  • Flexible payment options: With the option to pay monthly, or in full, how you pay your gas card balance is up to you.
  • Easy budgeting: Itemized purchases keeps other credit available for fun or emergencies.
Sunoco rewards card at fuel pump
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Travel Made Easy

  • ATM access nationwide: Thousands of ATMs where and when you need them.
  • Over 5,000 locations: Use our location finder to easily locate us.
  • Online account management: Save time and money by viewing, managing and paying your fuel rewards credit card balance online. 

Peace of Mind

  • $0 liability for unauthorized purchases on your fuel rewards credit card.
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Fuel your savings and your journey with the Sunoco Rewards Credit Card. Easily apply, so you can venture down the road ahead with savings, convenience, and ease.

*Subject to credit approval. 50¢ per gallon offer applies for 30 days after your account open date. After 30 days, 5¢ per gallon offer applies. The 50¢/gal discount is comprised of the 5¢/gal ongoing savings received as a reduced fuel price at the point of sale plus a 45¢/gal bonus discount applied as a statement credit. Bonus discount will be paid as a statement credit when qualifying fuel purchases are made within the first 30 days. To qualify for the one-time $5 statement credit, you must download the Sunoco Go Rewards® app, add your Sunoco Rewards Credit Card as a payment method and make three single mobile transactions through your mobile device. May take 1-2 billing cycles for statement credit to appear for a qualifying fuel purchase. Offer valid at participating Sunoco Stations. In the event discounts at the point of sale are unavailable for any reason, you will receive the earned discounts as a statement credit. Qualifying in-store purchases exclude lottery tickets and gift cards. For full Sunoco Rewards Card Terms and Conditions, visit and
**Touch-free fueling only at mobile pay enabled locations. Find a location in the Sunoco App.
*** For the first 2 calendar months receive 3¢ off per gallon of fuel purchased at participating Sunoco locations with the Sunoco mobile app. Fuel-up 2 times with a 5-gallon minimum per fuel-up at any participating Sunoco location using the Sunoco mobile app as payment during the first 2 calendar months to maintain savings in the 3rd calendar month. In the 3rd calendar month and each calendar month thereafter, 2 fuel-ups using the Sunoco mobile app as payment within that calendar month, or the preceding calendar month are required with a 5-gallon minimum per fuel-up at any participating Sunoco locations to maintain savings for subsequent purchases using the Sunoco mobile app in that month and the subsequent month. Must download, register within, and link an approved payment method to the Sunoco mobile app. Savings are earned, maintained, reobtained, and redeemed only by payment through the Sunoco mobile app. Savings are limited to 20 gallons per transaction. 
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